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Tomohiro Hiratsuka

Hi folks, welcome to easpe library. Here I introduce this site intentions, purpose, how you can enjoy contents.


First of all, let me explain why we wanted to build this. We as Easpe, Inc. is mainly creating web platform for therapists working for children and families with development disorders in Japan.

Now developmental disorder is recognized by many people but supporting children and families facing many challenges in costs, scalability, evidences.

One of our challenges is that we build more efficient workflow for therapists to serve better support to whom supports needed.

As we do our business we noticed that this project is related not only business matters but also politics, thought, philosophy, culture, lifestyle. In short, the problem we want to solve is complex. We may solve problems step by step but if we don't understand how our society works, we will fail to make better changes to this world.

That's a point. We want to understand how our society was inclusive and what can be. Then we decided to create the place that we can understand past well which is Easpe Library.

How to

We are planning to continuously update this site's information architecture but for now we have those sections like below.

About history section

This is a section for understanding what we've done and how was it. History section has locales(ie, countries) on top level. Each locale has era and era's lifestyle, politics, culture, economics. So that we can follow the stream of timelines of the locale and also understanding each era's situations.

About Intervention Strategy

This is a section for what we can take and what we can't to support children and families. Intervention Strategy section is mainly focusing on intervention approach to whom with developmental disorder. It's also including more general educational theory or approaches.

About Pioneer

This is a section for who did try to make a change to this world. Pioneer sections is mainly focusing on persons like a researcher, politician, investor, entrepreneur, teacher, others who made impact.

About blog

This is for announcement. We will share some updates or news to you here.

Join community

As you can see, what we want to do is huge we need your help. When you find some mistakes on the article, when you have good knowledge that you can share with us, talk to us on our Discord server.

Let's get it started

You think this useful to you? That's great. Explore everywhere you are interested. Of course, you can search our docs on right side of the navigation.